Hello! My name is Artyom Fedosov, and this is my travel blog. 🙂

The Neyalieto project was born in 🇺🇦 Kyiv in 2015, during the preparations to my first really big trip to Europe. By that time, the crazy idea of ​​visiting all the countries on the planet had already ripened in my head, and I thought it would be cool to capture this all in photos. So, 193 countries, 7 continents, about 10-15 years of desperate travel – that’s what you will see here. Without censorship, posturing and pathos, it will be a truly deep dive into the reality of the 21st century: from the rich and successful to the poorest and toughest countries on the planet – here you will see everything. Welcome aboard.

Besides traveling, I do programming, rollerblading, mountaineering and learning to pilot airplanes. All these things often appear in my reports, I’m happy to talk about them on occasion, but if you want to know more, here are my contacts. I’m a very open person, and I’m ready to give an interview or just tell more about it in a personal conversation, just contact me.

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Thank you for being here! Planet Earth is a really cool place, let’s explore this world together. From the beginning to the very end. 😎

⛩️ Okunoshima Island, Japan